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MeridianBL Ltd Belgrade

MeridianBL Ltd Belgrade

MeridianBL Ltd Belgrade

September 2019 – established company in Republic of Slovenia by Meridian j.s. Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Company Development through the History

  • 1948. – Interšped Sarajevo (legal predecessor of „OOUR Interšped“ Banja Luka);
  • 1978. – OOUR Interšped Banja Luka,
  • 1990. – Meridian j.s. Banja Luka,
  • 2019. - Meridian BL Ltd Ljubljana,
  • 2019. - MeridianBL Ltd Belgrade

BiH Company currently has 148 employees, organizing through four Departments and sixteen business units. It is member of international association of freight forwarding companies FIATA. Also holds certificate for ISO 9001 quality standard.
At the beginning, the main Company activities were customs clearance, warehousing and transport organizing by railways transport. Today, as a modern organized logistical Company, we deliver a huge range of services such as:

  • Customs Clearance,
  • Transport of Goods,
  • Warehousing,
  • Consulting Services.

The Management

  • The Management Board,
  • The Audit Committee,
  • The Executive Board that consists of the General Manager and the Executive Managers per Department/Sector.

Statut delniške družbe in ostale informacije lahko najdete tukaj.

Quality Policy as Company Mission and Vision

Quality Policy presents the basic principle of business performing for MeridianBL Ltd Belgrade, the whole business unit’s network as well as each of its employees in fulfillment of requirements for service performing in:

  • International Forwarding,
  • Warehousing,
  • Groupage Transport of Goods,
  • Transport Organization.

The Basic Aims of Quality Policy and Business performing at all for MeridianBL Ltd Belgrade

  • To obtain and keep leading position among forwarding companies in business environment,
  • To provide completely client satisfaction with our services as the most important condition for long term development,
  • Improve quality of human resource relationship by motivation of employees and on other ways to achieve ambience which is attractive for employees,
  • To increase profit.

Fulfilling of above mentioned basic aims meaning maximum level of engagement by Management and all employees, with special attention to:

  • Strategic Planning and definition of future development directions,
  • Establishing of modern organization what would allow introduction of new values as well as higher level of service quality for Company,
  • Thoughtfully investment to new technologies what should approve leadership for MeridianBL Ltd Belgrade in international forwarding sector,
  • Permanent training and education of employees, responsible delegating for conduction of policy of quality as well as establishing and improvement of team work,
  • Continuously improvement of system quality to insure its permanent efficiency.

Quality Policy for us is condition for long-term business success.