MeridianBL Ltd Belgrade

MeridianBL Ltd Belgrade

Transport Organization

We organize transport with competitive prices, optimal transit time and accurate information for our clients according to their needs.
MeridianBL ltd. Belgrade also organizes almost all kinds of goods transport for different destinations among Slovenia, EU, Balkan Area and wider, in cooperation with local and international business partners e.g.:

  • Land transport (by own or engaged transportation vehicles),
  • Sea freight in cooperation with sea/river ports,
  • FTL Full Truck Load, LTL Less than Truck Load,
  • Special cargo transport,
  • Hazardous material transport,
  • Container transport,
  • Groupage transport.

Groupage transport

Flexible groupage transport
We have developed our groupage transport network lines in cooperation with regional and EU partners on such way that it provides optimal planning of purchases /deliveries as well as complete control of logistic expenditures for our clients. Own distributive network, with start point in Ljubljana, consisting of own fleet vehicles, customs and commercial warehouses in bigger cities at Bosnia and Herzegovina is also ready to meet all requirements of modern market.
Hallmarks of our service are:

  • Delivery/Shipping of goods, customs clearance, warehousing (weight from 1 to 5,000 kg), from/in EU with optimal terms of delivery to our warehouses,
  • Groupage delivery of small consignations on principle “door to door” –local and international transports,
  • Direct truck lines with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Italy, France, Portugal, Turkey, Spain and UK...
  • 20 transport units specialized for groupage transport,
  • Permanent groupage transport lines:
  1. Ljubljana - Banja Luka - Belgrade (3 times per week)
  2. Ljubljana - Sarajevo - Belgrade (1 time per week)
  3. Ljubljana - Banja Luka (3 times per week)
  4. Ljubljana - Sarajevo - Istanbul (1 time per week)
  5. Ljubljana - Tuzla (1 time per week)
  6. Ljubljana - Zagreb (3 times per week)
  7. Ljubljana - Sarajevo (2 times per week)
  8. Ljubljana - Belgrade (3 times per week)
  9. Ljubljana - Podgorica (via Belgrade) (3 times per week)
  10. Ljubljana -Tirana (2 times per week)

Customs clearance

70 years in customs clearance
MeridianBL Ltd Belgrade established by company that has experienced with more than 70 years in customs clearance service delivering what represents guaranty of qualitative and effective performing of customs clearance in behalf of client. Huge number of our clients, from different branches and specific needs, have influenced on our highly specialization in this sector.
Meridan BL Ltd Ljubljana is in position to making customs clearance for regular as well as multiplex customs procedures on effective and qualitative manners, using EU standards for international forwarding through the below description steps such as:

  • Confirmation and receipt of disposition,
  • Receipt and processing of customs documentations,
  • Goods tariffing according to the Customs Authority tariff system,
  • Making price calculation for goods,
  • Goods insurance by client’s order,
  • Declaration at the borders, brokerage for final approval issued by the Border Inspection Services,
  • Obtaining of approvals, rulings, certificates as well as other documentations by responsible Customs Authority,
  • Customs documents issuing for clearance of goods at regular export-import procedures, procedures with economic impact, simplified procedures,
  • Attendance at the customs inspection of goods,
  • Warehousing-putting goods under customs supervising,
  • Commitment of the banking guarantee,
  • Engagement of Company financial sources in the name and behalf of client for customs and VAT payment,
  • After clearance procedures, taking care of all post-customs issues (controlling of documentation, delivery to client),
  • Other issues that are in interest for clients, but in domain of business performing for each international forwarding Company.

Business Units Map: Bosnia + Ljubljana + Koper.


Cut costs, save time and money
The most important logistic business issue is warehousing. Warehousing management means its optimization from expenditure’s point of view, conducting manipulation with aim to deliver goods in perfect conditions to client.
We offer adequate warehousing service and conditions in commercial and bonded warehouses with total available warehousing area of 3000 m² in 10 000 m2 large warehouse that are adjusted to modern goods manipulation.
Warehouse is open Monday-Friday 05:00-20:00h and Saturday 08:00-12:00h.
As a part of our warehousing services, we offer also:

  • Loading-Unloading, Accommodation of goods,
  • Bonded and Commercial warehouses, goods insurance, 24 hours goods monitoring, packaging,
  • Labeling, numbering, sorting, weighing and all additional services related to goods.

Consulting Services

Update your business
Consulting Service Department of MeridianBL Ltd Belgrade offers specialized services, with main aim to improve client’s business activities by:

  • Specialistic and operative support in domain of all foreign trade activities and international freight forwarding,
  • Conducting of all customs procedures according to the positive legal acts,
  • VAT Law application at customs procedures,
  • Brokerage for third parties in export-import customs procedures,
  • Foreign currency payment for third parties.